The Historic Hanna House
In Jacksonville Oregon
The Jacksonville Story
     In the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains lies the historic town of Jacksonville, Oregon.  Full of historic landmarks and architecture this 1800's community is something you'll never forget.
     Gold was discovered in Rich Gulch in 1851 and within months miners arrived in the thousands to stake a claim and strike it rich.  The bustling camp soon turned into a town called Jacksonville.
     The needs of the miners brought prosperity quickly to Jacksonville and by the winter of 1852 the town had saloons, gambling halls, a hotel, banks, shops, and many homes of varying degrees of wealth.
     There were many legends that arose from this town, but for historical sake, one of the most important was Peter Britt who was a photographer and arrived by oxen cart in 1852.  He also mined for hold and operated a pack train, however, his greatest contribution was his records of the people, architecture and events that were typical of a gold rush town beginning in the 19th century.
     Jacksonville did not disappear as did so many other mining camps but instead became a well known trade center.  During the Depression the people survived by digging tunnels under the town and mined the gold that still remains to this day.
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